5 Ideas for your Winter Photo Session in Switzerland

December is here which means we replace the autumn leaves with the crisp white snow. Winter brings many ideas when it comes to photo sessions. From holiday-themed shoots to more conceptual and fairytale vibes, this season gives us a wide range of possibilities for creating memorable images.

Whether you dream of a Winter Wonderland or you simply want to embrace the cozy vibes of the season, a winter photoshoot can make you feel special and more confident in your own skin. It’s also a wonderful gift you can give yourself or to your loved ones as a Christmas present this year!

Below you’ll find my ideas of photo sessions we can do together. Each one of them is lovely and will get you wonderful images. If you already have an idea of what you desire for a winter photoshoot, feel free to write me with more details and I’m sure we can make it happen. My job is to make your dream come true!



As you know already, fairytales are my specialty and I believe each season offers a different perspective when it comes to creating such images. Winter might be cold, but the aesthetic is quite special. The sceneries are incredible with the white mountains and the bright snow reflects natural light, so the photos turn out to be very soft and ethereal. You can pick your favorite dress and jewellery from my collection, I will give you some recommendations of locations and concepts and together we create the photoshoot of your dreams!


Every city looks more dreamy when it’s covered in snow so why not take some fun urban photos? Snow adds an element of fun and playfulness to any photoshoot so we could capture genuine emotions with some candid images. Also winter fashion offers a variety of stylish and cozy options, allowing for creative and layered outfit choices. Scarves, hats, mittens make the photos more interesting so if you are into fashion, it’s a good opportunity to showcase your winter style.


Christmas is a time of joy and celebration and I love it when the city gets into the holiday spirit! The festive lights and colorful decorations create a magical atmosphere and it’s a great occasion to wander around and discover the beauty around us. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends or on your own, such a photo session can become a cherished tradition and a source of beautiful memories. We’ll take photos at Christmas markets in your city while enjoying the festive vibes.

*photos from Pinterest


If the cold is not your friend and you want a more relaxed photoshoot, this idea is for you! My photo studio welcomes you with a magical atmosphere and dreamy props to create great Christmas memories. You can choose a dress and accessories from my collection or you can come with your own. Together we can decide on a concept so you’ll have the best photos you’ve seen of yourself. Makeup and hair is also available upon request for the dreamiest transformation.


Switzerland is very well known for its stunning landscapes and winter adds an extra layer of beauty to the already magical surroundings. The snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes and charming alpine villages create a wonderful backdrop for a winter photoshoot. Feel free to come with your own cozy outfit and enjoy the snow, while I capture in images the best moments. If you are a fan of snow, this idea is perfect for you as we’ll choose a location that will take your breath away!

*photos from Pinterest

Prices start at 400 CHF. The outdoor Winter Photo Sessions are shorter than usual (1 hour) so the price is more affordable. 

Each photoshoot is different so the fees are different depending on the complexity. Feel free to ask me about the service that interests you the most and I can send you my list of packages. I can also make a personalized one depending on what you wish for. 

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