Rapunzel inspired photoshoot at Hünegg Castle in Switzerland

young asian woman with blue dress and tiara at castle

Like I mentioned in a previous article, castles are the most desired location when it comes to fairytale photo sessions. Having a photoshoot at such place adds a touch of elegance, history, and romance to your photos. I already photographed a few castles in Switzerland and I love how each one of them evokes a different atmosphere. Whether it’s a medieval fortress or a more refined palace, the setting can make you feel like you’re stepping into a fairytale, adding a whimsical vibe to the images.

I photographed Hünegg Castle on the shores of Lake Thun for the first time for this photo session with Jackie. I can say it was a memorable adventure exploring the grounds, discovering hidden corners and capturing the moments with my camera. This castle has a rich history and unique architectural features that add magic to the images.

Inspired by Rapunzel and her long hair, we decided to go with the stunning puffy blue dress made by designer Margo Concept. The jewellery were handmade by designer Miss Babacilu especially for my fairytale photo sessions and I think they matched very well Jackie. We had a lot of fun and the end results are truly enchanting!

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