Wonderland Photo Session


Join me in my Wonderland and you can feel like a true princess for one day! Every woman deserves to feel confident and powerful, so I came up with an idea to create a magical world where women are reminded of the magic of fairytales.

Rediscover yourself and let your inner beauty shine through! All you need to do is book your shooting and choose the concept that fits your personality. 

Wonderland Shooting includes:

  • a photo shooting in a dreamy location (flower field, forest, park, garden, ruins etc)
  • gorgeous dresses to choose from 
  • floral & feminine accesories
  • amazing props that will make the difference (giant flower, confetti, feathers, balloons, wigs, smoke bombs, giant cards, giant key and many others)
  • professional make-up
  • 5-10 retouched Wonderland photos

Make yourself a gift and be part of this extraordinary experience. Enjoy a day as a real model in a relaxed and magical atmosphere. The number of shootings is limited so book your session now.

For details, paying method and questions, please send me an e-mail here hello@ralucaantuca.com.





I really wanted to work with a warm person, who could give me suport and be kind during the photo shooting. It was my first one and I wanted to have a story behind those final photos. I found all this during my collaboration with Raluca. The photos have a good vibe and I got some amazing memories from the shooting.


Congrats, Raluca, for creating a story with each photo you take! The project I made with you has shown me that there are people who do photography out of passion and want each detail to be perfect. You are the only photographer that I worked with and got involved so much. For you it wasn’t enough to push a button and deliver some pictures. You gave instructions to the model to get the best of it. Thank you so much!


Raluca has such a good and warm energy and that’s why it was a pleasure shooting with her. Her talent and imagination know no limits. She’s very patient and has a big passion for photography. Her photos show the beauty of nature, femininity and fantasy in Wonderland. I recommend her to anyone who wants magical shots.

Andreea C