One on One Photography Workshop

Unleash your creativity with a creative PHOTO SESSION that includes shooting with a professional model, but also editing in Photoshop following Raluca’s style. Learn how to create dreamy portraits and fairytale pictures from concept to final retouch.

You’ll experience an amazing shooting with a creative concept and cool props (like smoke bombs, balloons, giant flowers etc) that will complete Raluca’s vision. 

Natural light will be used to take the photos and the participant will get amazing photos for his/ her portfolio at the end of the day. The workshop is perfect for those who are passionated about portraits and magical concepts.

Location: Basel, Switzerland (available to travel in your city as well)

Day 1

Hours 14:00-18:00

Storytelling Part

  • how to find an idea/ concept
  • how to create a story from beginning to end
  • how to find your unique style
  • where to find inspiration

Photoshooting Part

  • how to interact and create a connection with the model
  • how to use natural light to get the best of your shots
  • how to choose the best angles for your model
  • tips & tricks

Day 2

Hours 10:00- 16:00

Post-Processing Part

  • discussion about the photos created the day before
  • selection of best photos
  • editing in Photoshop (colors, light, contrast, film effects, vignette etc). 

The participant will discover Raluca’s editing style and will get the chance to edit some of the best photos with her by his/her side.

Conditions to participate:

Participants should be already familiar with the basics of photography and equipment.  If you got any questions, don’t hesitate to write me here-

  • Photo camera (no matter what kind).
  • Portrait lenses (if possible).
  • Batteries
  • Empty cards
  • Laptop (day 2)
  • Adobe Photoshop & Camera Raw installed (day 2)

Price: 500 euro

Book your place at e-mail!