Photo Session with llamas & alpacas

blonde girl with llama and alpaca in nature

I've always wanted to include animals in my photography universe. The reason is quite simple- they add magic to the pictures by creating a story and make the final results very special. So I can say this photoshoot at the animal farm in Switzerland is a dream come true. I was happy to have Sarah with me as my model. She loves animals and you can see it from backstage videos and the photos.

Photographing with animals is not an easy job as they are distracted by noises and movement. They also change position all the time so it's hard to do the photoshoot as you imagined it home. Flexibility is the key! At the same time it's truly magical to have this view in front of your eyes and trying your best to capture it and create beautiful images.

After a few moments of getting used to each other, we started the photoshoot which was a very relaxed one. The idea was to have a soft and delicate atmosphere in harmony with the animals and their environment. We didn't want to intrude or make them uncomfortable with our presence.

The baby llama was adorable and a great model. He loved the attention and the love he got from Sarah. Their connection made this whole photoshoot an incredible experience for everyone involved.

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