How to shoot abroad with models

When I travel I like to photograph everything I see. That can be tricky because sometimes I forget to enjoy the moment. Nevertheless some places deserve good shots and this is a good opportunity to unleash your creativity.

Last year I started to photograph also people from the places that I visited. I started with Poland because I had the chance to stay a while in Warsaw and now I repeated the experience in Sweden. It’s a great thing to do because you can get on camera the diversity of unique features that each nationality has.

I want to give you today some tips & tricks in case you want to do that also. There you go!

1. Do some research to find the models you want

What I usually do is I google the coolest places in town, like coffee shops, parks, pretty restaurants. After that I search for them on Instagram and see the posts made at that specific place. I scroll through posts until I find the girls that match my photography style.

2. Start with a good introduction about yourself

It’s not enough to say that you to photograph that person, especially if he/she’s not a professional model. By introducing yourself in detailed & fun way, you migh get their attention. You should include in your message the following:

• Your name
• The type of photography that you’re doing
• The reason why he/she will be a good fit for a shooting with you
• The kind of photo session that you want to do
After you get their response, you might set up the other details, like day of shooting, place, hour, theme and so on.

3. Set up the theme of the shooting together with the model

It’s important to communicate with the model when setting up the theme. Maybe you have in mind something that the model is not comfortable with so it might be better to ask him/her what he/she thinks about it. Talk about outfit, makeup and other kind of details that re-create the idea you have in mind.

4. Be flexible about the whole shooting

It might happen all sorts of things before the photo session, like delays, change of location, bad weather or even cancelation. Keep in mind to be flexible and adapt under the circumstances. If it rains, go in coffee shop and take there some photos! If the model is late, practice some shots in the area and make your camera settings.

5. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

At first I was a little bit nervous because not only I was in a new place, but I had to interact with a stranger. For good photos you have to create a connection with the model before shooting, but in this case you don’t have that much time. You also don’t know very well the places where the shooting is going to be so it’s absolutely normal to be nervous.

The thing is you’re doing this for fun or out of passion so you might as well just enjoy the moment. Connect with the model on the go by simply asking question between the shots. Discover good spots for photos by simply taking a walk with the model. Done is better than perfect so I’m sure there are going to be some good shots in the end.

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  1. what kind of filter on that 3rd photo?

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      Hey! I don’t use filters. I edit all photos in Photoshop. Thanks for the comment!

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