Fairytale Portrait Workshop- Basel, Switzerland

Unleash your creativity with a unique & dreamy Workshop in Basel, Switzerland. Discover more about how to create magical portraits and fairytale pictures with Raluca and her team.

You’ll experience magical shootings with creative concepts, professional models and amazing props (like smoke bombs, balloons, giant flowers etc) that will complete Raluca’s vision. The workshop includes spectacular dresses and glam make-up.

Natural light will be used to take the photos and each participant will get amazing photos for his/ her portfolio at the end of the day. The workshop is perfect for those who are passioned about portraits and magical concepts.

Book your place at e-mail hello@ralucaantuca.com!

Location: Basel, Switzerland


Day 1- 22 August 2020- CONCEPT - MERMAID 🧜‍♀️🌊

Day 2- 23 August 2020- CONCEPT- COSMOS 💫🌛

Schedule: 16:00- 21:00

Storytelling Part

  • ✨ how to find an idea/ concept
  • ✨ how to create a story from beginning to end
  • ✨ how to find your unique style
  • ✨ where to find inspiration

Photoshooting Part

  • ✨ how to interact and create a connection with the model
  • ✨ how to use natural light to get the best of your shots
  • ✨ how to choose the best angles for your model
  • ✨ tips & tricks


Discussion at the end of the day about the photographs created during the workshop.


Participants should be already familiar with the basics of photography and equipment. The workshop is practical and inspirational, not focused on technicalities. If you got any questions, don’t hesitate to write me here-> hello@ralucaantuca.com.

  • 👉 Photo camera (no matter what kind).
  • 👉 Portrait lenses (if possible).
  • 👉 Batteries
  • 👉 Empty cards

Book your place at e-mail hello@ralucaantuca.com!

Maximum number of participants: 5

Language: English

Price: 700 CHF for both days

400 CHF for only one day

Book your place at e-mail hello@ralucaantuca.com!



  • All participants must wear a mask all the time, during the workshop.
  • Social distancing will be applied during the workshop.



A very well organised workshop. Raluca is a very talented trainer and photographer. It was a really pleasure to be a participant to her workshop. I recommend it to all photographers who want some diversity in their portfolio.


A practical and very pleasant workshop led by Raluca Antuca and her team. The model, Georgiana, turned out to be very professional and it helped me, since I'm quite new at this. I would like to say "thank you" to the whole team who organised it. I'm very excited about my results since it was my first try.


I recommend this workshop to everyone who wants to experiment a little bit with portrait photography that has a special concept. Like Raluca called it "magical". You'll learn how to create a concept, what colors to choose so that the photos will catch the eye of the viewer. Also how to use natural light and where to go for inspiration. I also worked with a professional model who was guided by Raluca and us. At the end of the workshop, you'll end up with lots of good images and you'll find very difficult to choose only some to post. After this workshop you'll realise that everything is possible, even for you.

George D

A very useful workshop. Raluca and the organising team behind it do an excelent job. Keep it up! Congrats Raluca!

Andrei P

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