Celebrate your birthday with a creative photoshoot in Switzerland!

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a creative and personalized photoshoot? 

A photo session creates memories for you, as well as beautiful images that will always remind you of that age and the life stage you were at.

A photo session makes you feel special and beautiful, confident in your own skin and empowered to do anything you dream about.

Many of clients decide to celebrate themselves with a fairytale photo session. Including Keren who wrote me she wants so have photos as a princess at the castle. After seeing the options of dresses and jewellery, she decided to pick the pink ones. It was an excellent choice because she looks gorgeous with them and it's also matching the elegant castle. We also took advantage of the beautiful fall colors and decided to capture them on camera.

The photos turned out to be delicate, elegant, but also bold and powerful. Thank you Keren for choosing me as your photographer!

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