Boat Fairytale Photo Session on Lake Zurich

young girl wearing pink dress on a boat with flowers

I always try to create unique photos and have interesting concepts for my fairytale images. A floral boat in a beautiful location was always on my list and I’m happy I could make it in Switzerland, at the shores of Lake Zürich.

But having a concept is not enough to photograph dreamy images for my portfolio or a client photoshoot! My process of creating has many steps, such as: finding the boat, researching for a good location, looking for a model that fits the concept, deciding on the color palette, dress and accessories, thinking about props, organizing the day of the photoshoot and finally the actual photographing.

As complicated as it might sound, it’s very fun and allows creativity to come through for me as a photographer but also for the model. Everyone is involved in the process and enjoys it as much as I do. Creating something new makes me curious and excited for what will happen next!

I teamed up with Jenny who you might know from my Wisteria photoshoot and we planned everything for the shooting day. I wanted to make the boat very floral so I got a lot of flowers and placed them nicely for the pictures. Inspired by the movie Barbie, I picked the pink dress and delicate princess accessories.

I can say it was outside of my comfort zone because of the angles and location, but we made it work. I’m happy with the final results and I wish I could do it one more time, maybe with a different concept or maybe in a different season like spring or fall.

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