Hello and thank you for your interest in me as your photographer!

I am extremely passionate about what I do, and I hope you can see this from viewing my images.

I am a professional Portrait & Fine-Art Photographer based in Basel, Switzerland. I capture fairytale and dreamy photos, in a feminine and delicate way, always looking for the perfect natural light. I love emotive, natural photography and I choose to work with delicate and feminine models in eye-catching locations. I want to tell a story with each photo I take and I use photo manipulations to show others my vision about the world.

Photography started as a hobby and it slowly became that one thing that changed my life completely. I pinch myself every day as I can’t believe I have turned my personal passion into my ‘job’ and I feel grateful I get to call it that. More than creating fairy photos, being an artist fulfills me day by day. Like any other art, photography allows me to express myself and be more and more creative.

Photography is art and that is what I want to create for you. If you care about artistic imagery, think my style suits you perfectly and ultimately you feel that we would get along, let's get in touch at hello@ralucaantuca.com. Together we can create something special!