“I am on a mission to empower women with my photography and show them magic exists.”


Have you ever felt not beautiful enough? Because I have. And probably 99% of the women have a problem looking at their reflection in the mirror. Because either the society, media or the beauty standards made us feel like we are not perfect and we don't fit.

In 2019, I started "The Fairytale Photo Experience", a movement dedicated to women of all ages, shapes, cultures and nationalities. My goal was to show everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel like a queen.


Through my portraits, I helped these women understand that their scars and their realness made them beautiful; that their imperfections is what make them perfect, because they were made perfectly unique; that beauty is about embracing who you are, it is about CONFIDENCE & SELF-WORTH!

Seeing women regaining self-love and blossom in front of my lens is what give me purpose and passion in life. It is a beautiful thing to be part of.

“I invite you to channel your inner princess and join me in Wonderland for a photo session. It will give you the confidence you need and empower you to be your best version."