3 Photoshoot Ideas for Valentine’s Day

young woman wearing tiara

I think we should love and feel loved every day and Valentine’s Day works as a reminder for it. A day to celebrate all kinds of love and appreciate the people that make our lives more beautiful.

With this idea in mind I want to tell you about 3 ideas of photoshoots we could do together with this occasion. 

1. Celebrate yourself.

Practice some self love with a professional photoshoot where you can wear a designer dress, designer jewellery and enjoy the experience in a gorgeous location.

You could also have your makeup & hair done by a professional and  feel empowered by the final photos that will be very dreamy.

2. Celebrate love with your partner.

Choose a romantic location in Switzerland and let’s find a concept that works best for you.

It could be at one of the castles or  somewhere in nature with the Alps view.

3. Celebrate love with your best friends.

Valentine’s Day can be your Galentine’s Days with the girls.

Play mix and match with the accessories and dresses, have fun together and make memories that will last forever.

I’m here to make your dream come true and guide you in the process of creating the best photo experience for you and your loved ones.

You can also make a gift with a photo voucher! Write me an email or message and I can offer more info!

Happy Valentine’s! 🫶


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