Enjoy a real fairytale with sunset magic in a fantastic location.
Feel alive with the scent of fresh flowers and the moments of a glorious day.
Let your soul feel in Wonderland with dreamy decorations and fantastic vibes.
Discover Wonderland Studio Basel and choose your favorite designer dress and jewellery.


Raluca makes dreams come true! She is very friendly, attentive and professional. At the shoot she makes you feel like a special person. She gave me good tips on what to do with my hands or where to look. She is also very responsive to customer requests. The dress as well as the jewelry are beautiful and you have a lot of choices. The whole thing makes you feel like you are actually a princess. I am glad to have had this experience with Raluca because the end result is just breathtaking! I will definitely book a photo session again.


Why did I choose Raluca? Because her vision turns a photo shoot into a real story. For me it was not just a photo shoot but an amazing experience that will always stay in my mind. That's thanks to her, the one who really made me feel like a fairytale princess. When you work with her you feel like she is part of your family, she is attentive to detail, professional, and has an indescribable imagination. She has gorgeous princess dresses and jewelry that I felt like I shone in. Studio Wonderland is among the most beautiful rooms I have ever been in and want to return to.


Raluca can make you feel special, she always makes sure that you are comfortable or that you like what she’s doing. She and her staff are kind and helpful. She is very polite and professional. I did the shooting with bad weather, but still she was able to transform everything in how I wanted 😊 Thank you for everything Raluca and the staff!


I met Raluca for the first time at the photo shooting and I can say she's very talented and a professional. The photos are incredibly beautiful, because she knows how to interact with the model, but also how to edit the photos. During the session, she came up with ideas and made me feel relaxed and beautiful. I recommend her to anyone who want fairytale photos!


Congrats, Raluca, for creating a story with each photo you take! The project I made with you has shown me that there are people who do photography out of passion and want each detail to be perfect. You are the only photographer that I worked with and got involved so much. For you it wasn't enough to push a button and deliver some pictures. You gave instructions to the model to get the best of it. Thank you so much!


Raluca has such a good and warm energy and that's why it was a pleasure shooting with her. Her talent and imagination know no limits. She's very patient and has a big passion for photography. Her photos show the beauty of nature, femininity and fantasy in Wonderland. I recommend her to anyone who wants magical shots.


I've been following Raluca before we started working together and I can say I'm fascinated by the fast rhythm in which she evolves. She truly loves what she's doing and I'm happy that she kept her unique style and vision. If you look at her photos, it will be easy to see what makes her special. In a world based on too much sexuality, Raluca focuses on delicacy, femininity and innocence. She's also a very beautiful person, very cute, so it's a pleasure to work with her. I really believe in her and I know she's gonna be a famous name in the industry.


I felt very comfortable during the photo shooting and I got along very weel with Raluca. She's a funny, warm and beautiful person. I liked that she captures the photos we both wanted. Being open to my ideas, she let me express how I wanted. So I was the main character of a fall fairytale. Or at least, that's what I felt when I saw the pictures. I also appreciate the fact that she was very fast in delivering the final photos. I love the results and I would like to repet the experience. I dearly recommend her!


I liked Raluca from the first time I saw her because she has such a good vibe. She is cheerful, just how I like it, and takes her job very seriously. I can clearly see that photography is more than a passion for her. When I think of Raluca Antuca, I can't think of anything else, but photography. It's a part of her. She helped me be natural on camera and don't be nervous. A good photographer knows how to interact with the models, not only takes good picture. Even though, I don't know much about this industry, Raluca is a good photographer and I would like to be her model whenever is possible. Keep up the good work, girl!


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